Bonesaw Brewing Co. - Glassboro, NJ

Lot 323 date: June 14

It’s been a long time coming, but finally the dream really is about to become a reality. We have a very simple philosophy at Bonesaw: Do it right, do it with passion, and surround yourself with the best people. We believe that like family, flavor runs deep.

​“It’s all about the beer…” Beer Advocate Magazine has called AJ Stoll “…a genius. He has created one of the most remarkable collections of artisan beers in America, perhaps the world”, and we at Bonesaw agree and are proud to introduce him to the Tri-State area as our Brewmaster.

A family run operation in Glassboro, NJ… We are Bonesaw Brewing Co, Craft to the Core, and look forward to bringing you the Cure for all Ales.

Death of the Fox Brewing Co. - Clarksboro, NJ

Lot 323 dates: May 31, June 28, July 26

Founder Chuck Garrity wanted to bring to life his vision of a TRUE brewhouse that was equal parts craft brewery and coffee house.

The brewery area is 3,000 square feet and houses one 10-barrel and two five-barrel single-vessel systems, with a combined output of about 300 gallons. As for the java, Death of the Fox offers locally sourced coffees to maximize sustainability.

Flagship Death of the Fox beers include: Stout Heard ’Round the World (6.2 percent ABV), a double milk stout (also available as a nitro beer), which has won a Best in Philly award, and Hazy Crazy Diamond (5.87 ABV), a New England IPA.

Devil’s Creek Brewery - Collingswood, NJ

Lot 323 date: June 14

Owners Anthony and Kathy settled into the brewing business with a vision to bring a diverse craft beer selection to the dry town of Collingswood. Anthony has been a home brewer for 20 years, and Kathy is a graphic designer who designed their website, logo and does the marketing for brewery.

Their varieties have won: AC Beerfest - 1st place Hop Forward Ale (Caramel Apple), AC Beerfest =highest rated OVERALL (Caramel Apple) & Best NJ Craft Brewery by 101.5.

Double Nickel Brewing Co. - Pennsauken, NJ

Lot 323 dates: June 28 and July 26
Before opening our doors in 2015, we set out to create something totally original yet inspired. The question always at the forefront of our minds - how does something become a classic? The answer - bridging vision and tradition. Taking our name from the Tacony-Palmyra Bridge (historically nicknamed the Double Nickel Bridge), we create beer that lets you experience something familiar but somehow have it feel completely new.

We strive every day to make beer that helps you reconnect with that sense of wonder.

Eight and Sand Beer Co. - Lot 323 dates: ALL SUMMER LONG

We’re buddies from South Jersey that are fully devoted to quality craft beer brewed with patience, brewed with care, and brewed with our local community in mind. Our styles of beer incorporate the old (European styles) with the new (American ingredients). The majority of our beers are session-able, meaning lower in alcohol content, adhering to classic styles. We feature rotating taps in our tasting room, providing a different experience for every visit.

The phrase, “Eight and Sand,” was used to wish train crews a quick and safe journey. Eight comes from Notch-8 which is the quickest setting on certain trains and sand was spread on tracks to prevent slippages.
Human Village Brewing Co. - Pitman, NJ

Lot 323 date: May 31

The Human Village Brewing Co. is the shared vision of Richard and Megan Myers. What began as brewing days, gathering family together to share time and love of craft, evolved into a passion project. With a strong concentration on European and lesser known beer styles, Richard and Megan emulate traditional brewing methods and continue the cultural heritage of handcrafting beer one small batch at a time.

Beer was crafted from the simple raw elements that sustained us: water, grain, and the fire's heat. Our brewery reflects the values of this archetypal Village. Our humanity is that we create and share. We connect. Raising a glass to these connections is part of the human experience, the world over and across time. Cheers!
Tonewood Brewing - Oaklyn, NJ

Lot 323 date: August 9

Proudly brewed in Oaklyn, New Jersey - Tonewood Brewing is home to a 15-barrel brewhouse. This ideal size allows us to be creative, often. While our core brand of beers are self distributed to bars and liquor stores in New Jersey, guests can find a wide variety of rotating taps that utilize seasonal ingredients at our tasting room.

Tonewood Brewing is committed to creating flavorful and exciting craft beer. Using the finest ingredients and masterful brewing techniques, we apply uncompromising attention to quality and consistency.
Westville Brewery - Westville, NJ

Lot 323 dates: July 12 and August 9

In 1996, a co-worker named Ali Jenan asked Mike Gordy if he liked beer, and if he would be interested in making his own. Mike purchased an extract beer making kit with bottle capper, fermenting bucket and some other necessary parts for $60.00 from Ali to make his first brew. It came with the infamous Charlie Papazian book, ‘The Complete Joy of Homebrewing’. The tag line – “Relax, don’t worry, have a Homebrew!”- was the mantra.

In 2018, Westville Brewery was born. The brewery has a Two Barrel brewing system born out of the same small batch ideas as the 10-gallon system. The Brewery, which sits in the old Westville Fire House in the Westville Square building on Broadway, was the perfect location to begin this journey. The history and nostalgia of the town of Westville is one that should be heard by all.

We are dedicated to brewing great tasting, quality craft beer for all to enjoy. We are a Working-Class Brewery and would like to think of our Customers as family and friends. Stop in for a pint and some good conversation, and don’t forget to tell your friends to “Meet me at the Clock”.